Connecting SmartSuite

Create a new Project in Jet Admin if you don't have one. You can connect to SmartSuite from the data tab on the left menu bar. You'll need to enter a valid API Key, Account ID, and select the desired Solution.

Creating a new resource

Getting the API Key and Account ID

Copy the API Key and Account ID from SmartSuite to Jet Admin.

  • You can obtain API KEY at SmartSuite: User Menu -> API Key

  • And the Account ID from SmartSuite URL:[ACCOUNT_ID]/home

Selecting SmartSuite Solution

After you pasted in your API Key and Account ID, you may select the Solution meant to be used in JetAdmin from the drop-down.

You can create separate resources for each of your SmartSuite solutions. Jet Admin doesn't have any limits on the amount of your resources

Choosing operation mode

After that, you must choose how you'd like your SmartSuite to be integrated with Jet Admin. You can either connect directly or sync it with Jet's internal database to get extended functionality.

If you want to be able to combine your SmartSuite data with data from other data sources, such as Firebase, Google Sheets, or even REST API within the same tables, you should choose the "Sync" connection for Google Sheets. You can learn more about it here:

💠page360 Data/Data Blending

You can have separate resources for both operation modes and use them differently for separate components on your page

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