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In this section you will learn about Users and Permissions

JetAdmin has a built-in User Management System. All invited users to your application (invited by email, invited by link), will be available in the Date tab in the "Built-ins" section.

You'll also be able to set granular permissions and the properties to separate data for the Portal (multi-tenancy)

To find Users and Teams, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Resources section

  2. Go to the Users section - here you can see users

  3. Click on the Teams Tab - here you can see teams

Access to the app

All the invited users, both internal and external, are automatically taken to the sign-in (or sign-up, depending on the settings) page. After signing up/logging in, the user will be redirected to either the dashboard where they can see the list of projects, or to the specific page.

The default authorization process involves authorizing in the following ways:

  1. Google & Facebook authorization (basic SSO)

  2. Authorization via credentials (login + password)

You can also implement custom authorization through SSO. See the topics in this section on implementing different SSO methods:

User Management System

The built-in User Management System allows you to configure each user on a granular basis, as follows:

  1. Specify user role. Configure users' access to the application by setting a specific role.

  2. Specify user properties. Set properties for users to control their permissions and access to data.

  3. Sharing your app. Invite your employees or customers to collaborate with your data. See here for more details.

White Label & Customization

You can remove Jet's brand and replace it with your branding across the whole user journey in their Jet Admin app. You can also customize the Sign-in/Sign-up page to a great extent, choose the layout, put up your logo and favicon, configure a custom domain, or even completely rewrite the CSS.

Sign In/Sign UpRoles in PermissionsUser-specific Permissions

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