Table component

Use Table component to view and interact with data from your collections:

Adding Table

Adding components explained here.

Table Settings

You can customize any component in Jet Admin and the Table component is not an exception. You can rearrange columns and enable/disable them:

On top of it, you can customize each field individually, for example, change the name of a column or change the field type:

You can enable Search for your table, just enable the flag:

Selection function

Any table in Jet Admin has the selected row function that can be used to trigger all sorts of actions as well as fetching values from selected records:


You can trigger actions for the selected row function. For example, you can open a modal pop-up or navigate to a record page:

When you connect SQL DBs, Firebase, Airtable, or Sheets, Jet Admin automatically generates all the CRUD actions - just select them from the dropdown