Detailed overview of component configuration in Jet Admin

Components are a way of displaying the data received from your resources as collections that you can add and customize on pages.

Adding components

You can add any components to your page and customize them using Visual Builder by simply drag-and-drop any component to your page:

List of available components


Lists components are simply different layout types for displaying your collection data in the most appropriate way. You can display your data as Table, Kanban, Map, Calendar, Gallery, and Timeline.


Charts let you display and track global KPIs on the page as well as provide at-a-glance performance insights. It's the fastest way to create analytical reports on your data. In Jet Admin, you can visualize your data as any of the following chart widgets: line, bar, pie and doughnut charts, counter.


In static elements, you can set titles, text, and any description.


In static components, you can add an image to a page. Simply drag the component to the page and upload your photo.


Buttons are the execution of any action. For example, you can create buttons to execute: Copy to clipboard, Send an email, Open a link, Link to page, and others.


Containers help you organize your page structure. For example, you need to structure the data on the page into columns or sections.


Fields are single record data obtained from your resources. By default, all fields from your resource will be rendered as a text, but you can switch to a more appropriate one.

Custom component

It is a Component based on React, Angular, or any other framework and integrates it in Jet Admin interface.