Configure an Action

There are different sorts of actions that can be set in Jet Admin: update a record, create a record, mass-delete, export, custom SQL/API queries, and more. Every action can be triggered by buttons or components' functions, such as row click.
For our case, let's drag and drop a button, select Run operation then select the data source and the collection you want to update:
When you connect databases, Jet Admin generates all the CRUD operations automatically, so you need only to choose the right collection and the right type of operation
Now, we need to specify all the fields for the Customers-Update operation. First of all, we need to set which record our button will update - for that we'll get the row value from the selected row of the Customers table:
Depending on a data source, the identification field might be different: Id, Document path, Document ID
Next, we need to obtain the Stage and the Amount values from the Input fields - thus providing the editing functionality in the app:
The next step is to customize or app's appearance: