Apply shadow or blur effects

In this section you will find out how to use shadow or blur effects

Effects serve several purposes, from aesthetic to functional. They can enable you to signify that an element is interactive, like making a button look clickable by giving the rectangle a shadow.

Blurs can shift and identify inactive or inaccessible elements, like thumbnails for unlocked game levels, or provide a visual hierarchy to focus a user's attention on a dialog box.

In Jet, there are four types of effects:

  • Drop shadow

  • Inner shadow

  • Layer blur

  • Background blur

Jet lets you add eight of each shadow effect, and one of each blur effect to a selection.

To add a shadow, please follow the steps:

  1. Click on the Add Shadow button

  2. Click to Color button to change the color of the shadow

  3. Click on the X-axis to change it

  4. Click on the Y-axis to change it

  5. Click on the Blur button to change it

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