Most of Jet Admin interface customization is available directly in your browser without need of developers work so that any person can customize it. To achieve it we implemented Customize Mode.

For more advanced customization you can use Flex Features

Enable Customize Mode

To start customizing interface directly from your browser:

  1. Click Customize Interface button.

  2. Choose which section you want to customize (1), (2) or (3). Depending on which page you are on sections (2) and (3) can change.

You can begin customization. You can find more about possible customization in next sections of this page.

Saving changes when in Customize Mode

Once you have finished with customization don't forget to save changes with Save button at the bottom center of the screen.

Flex Features

While we are trying to include most of important features out of the box sometimes its not enough. For any specific cases we offer Flex features to implement functionality not available with standard features. You can read more about them below.


For very specific pages you can create your own custom FlexView based on React, Angular or any other framework and integrate it in Jet Admin interface. Writing your own custom JS/CSS/HTML has no limits in implementing any page you need.

To integrate your custom FlexView with Jet Admin data you can use Jet Admin SDK library.

Examples of using FlexView can be found on our GitHub:

Detailed tutorial how to create your own FlexView can be found here:


If need to run some operations on records or any other business logic inside your Backend you can create FlexActions and run them directly from Jet Admin interface. Passing some additional parameters to your Backend is supported.

Detailed tutorial how to create FlexAction can be found here:


Sometimes using existing fields is not enough and you need to create custom which can be a combination of multiple fields, use fields from related collections and be result of some calculation. In this case you can use FlexField.

Detailed tutorial how to create FlexField can be found here:


Not always data you want to view in admin interface is stored in a single table. For such cases FlexCollection can be created that can represent a combination of data from different data sources and/or result of some calculations.