Customize a record

All records in your collections are fully customizable, to the point that you can literally build the entire layout as you want it to look like.

To start editing, select a record and enter the Visual Builder mode by clicking on the brush icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.


You can customize the layout of a record by drag and dropping cards, columns, tabs, sections, fields, related data, widgets, and actions to a record's page.


At the top of the screen you'll see the navigation bar that you can customize: add or delete tabs for a record. Tabs are great for organizing your record data into groups to ensure a user-friendly visual appeal.


‌All available fields for this record will be listed in the Fields tab of the menu bar. You can add a field to your record using drag and drop and configure a field widget later.‌

Learn more about field widgets here:

You can even add a related collection to a record page. Go to the Related Collection tab to see what related items are available.

Sometimes data from one collection is related to the data in another collection. For instance, some of your records may be used as fields in other collections. In our case, the records of vehicles belong to the Vehicles collection, but also can be found attached to the vehicle field of the Rides collection.

Here is an example of how a related collection (in our case Rides) can be displayed on your record:


You can create an analytical report on certain metrics of a record by adding a simple or SQL chart. Go to the Widgets tab in the menu and click Add Chart + to add a new chart.‌

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to create a record-specific chart:


There might be some actions you want to have right in a record view, such as refund a user, blacklist, etc. Simply open the Actions tab in the menu and drag and drop any of the available actions.‌

Learn more about actions here: