Collaboration features in Jet Admin

Using an efficient internal tool is great, but using it collaboratively is even more powerful. This is why we've laid the foundations of what will grow to be an essential tool of your day-to-day work.

Users And Teams

We give you the ability to invite users to your project and create teams with different access levels to the project to make it more convenient for you to work in Jet Admin.

What are the key features of Jet Admin's team-based permissions?

  • Give permissions to your pages to specific users and teams

  • Let every team member customize the internal tool to fulfill their specific needs

  • Boost overall efficiency by wasting less time on managing access rights

What are Jet Admin's teams and user's structure looks like?

  • Each user can belong to one or several teams at the same time

  • You can create as many teams as it is necessary

  • Each user is assigned a role for all the teams he/she belongs to admin, editor, or user

User Activities

As your team grows, it is very difficult to keep track of all changes in the project, so we have created the ability to track user activity for your convenience.