Installation – Jet Bridge

The following instructions will guide you through the installation process of Jet Admin

Jet Bridge is an open-source plugin available on Github. It will connect to your database and link Jet Admin with your project. It will work even with your local application on localhost.

Jet Admin is a small web server that connects to your database using Tornado and generates an API interface through which Jet Admin can operate with your data.

Method 1. Deploy to Heroku

The simplest way to install Jet Admin is to deploy it to the Heroku cloud platform. It will require you to allow external access to your database.

Method 2. Using only Jet Bridge

Install Jet Bridge without additional software or web services on any server or localhost. You will need to install Python dependencies and run the application manually.

Method 3. Using Jet Bridge inside Docker

Install Jet Bridge without need to install any dependencies except Docker application. May require additional network configuration for your OS.

For Django framework

To integrate Jet Admin with your Django-based project you need to install the Jet Bridge package. It will work even with your local application on localhost.

Jet Bridge for Django sources are available on Github:

This is the quickest way to install Jet Admin for Django based projects. Installed in the same way as most Django packages.

Common problems

Please see our guide to fixing some of the most common installation issues.