Overall Structure

Understanding collections

In Jet Admin, your data is divided into several data tables relevant to your business, such as : Restaurants, Dishes, Orders, etc… We call each data table a collection (1)

You can display as many collections as you want in the left panel list. Your developers may have narrowed this list of visible collections to just a few ones. In a further section called ‘Organize’ you will see how you can change this setup if needed for your operations.

Understanding fields

All records of the same collection share the same fields. For example, each company will have a specific Icon (1), Name (2), Address (3), Rating (4), et

In the Jet Live demo, we chose to have a limited number of attributes, but this is not mandatory. In fact, you can have as many Fields as you want. Having a lot of fields only means that you will have to move laterally to visualize your columns.

Accessing a record

After browsing through the table view of a Collection, you might want to dig further into a specific record. Click on a specific row (1) to display a record’s page (2)