Visual Builder

What is the Visual Builder?

The Visual Builder is an all-in-one editing feature that helps you edit, customize, and drag and drop interface elements in Jet Admin.

To start editing enter the customization mode by clicking on the "Customize Interface" button in the lower-left corner of your admin panel.


Jet Admin consists of the following Views that can be modified with the Visual Builder:

  • Dashboard. Dashboards are where you can create analytical reports on your application data. Build charts by running basic or SQL queries.

Learn more about Dashboards:

  • Record View. Manage all the data about a specific user, product, etc. in a Record View.

Learn more about the Record view:

  • Collection View. Keep related Records nicely organized in different Collections.

Learn more about the Collection view:

  • Menu. You can quickly search through all of your Collections and features in the Menu.

Learn more about the Menu:

All of the Views are fully customizable. You can even build your own Record View, if you’d like: add or remove columns, tabs, and sections, choose appropriate fields and related collections, and set up Actions to be performed on a specific record or collection.

Widget Library

The Visual Builder has a large library of widgets that includes:

Collection Widgets

You can display your data in a familiar Table view or change the widget type in the settings. Effortlessly track your delivery team in the Map widget, write down the upcoming appointments in a Calendar, process orders in a Kanban board, or keep the pictures of your products in a Gallery.

Learn more about the Collection widgets:

Field Widgets

Fields are single pieces of data about a specific Record. There are several types of Field Types: Text, Checkbox, and Single/Multiple Select. If you need to create a record of a product for sale, you can even insert an Image in one of the fields to differentiate this specific product from other records.

Learn more about the Field widgets:

Chart Widgets

These are great for displaying your KPI performance indicators like total revenue, the number of orders, etc. Depending on how you’d like to visualize your data, you can choose from Line, Bar, Pie, and Doughnut charts.

Learn more about the Chart widgets:


You can extend Jet’s interface at any time. Code your own widget into your Jet admin panel using JS, HTML, or CSS with our Flex View feature.

Here's the instruction on how to create a Flex View: