What is a menu?

A menu bar is a view where you can navigate through and open your database objects (i.e. Views) as well as access project settings, customization mode, help center, etc.

The menu consists of 4 parts:

  • (1) Current Project

  • (2) System links

  • (3) Side menu

  • (4) Main menu

Current Project

The current project icon is displayed in the upper-left corner the Menu. Hover over the icon to switch to a different project. To view a list with all projects, click on the Manage projects link.

This section consists of 3 buttons:

  • Help Includes a Live Chat with support, Jet documentation, overview and home page links.

  • Customize Interface Enables Customization Mode

  • Current User Includes Current Project and User settings, switching Jet skin and the logout link.

Side and Main Menu

By default, all Menu Items are added to the Main menu except default system links, such as Dashboard, Conversations, and Search. But any Menu Item except Sections can be moved to the Side menu.

  • Link – an external link to particular URLs or link to some system pages inside Jet Admin (Dashboard, Search, Conversations, etc.)

  • Collection Link – a link to Collection List page, you should choose collection

  • Section – used for grouping menu items, more about it here


Displaying menu items, grouping them into sections, their ordering and other UI can be customized directly in the Jet Admin interface.

Learn more about it here: