A detailed overview of the Fields in your Records.

The field is a single piece of your data (such as first name, last name, address, etc.).

Field types

You can add any new field from the available field types:

For example, you want to send a message to a customer so you need to create a field for typing the subject and body of the message. Simply drag-and-drop the required field on the page.

Additional parameters

You can set additional parameters for the fields. For example, if this field is required to be filled in (not null), then you need to toggle the Required checkbox.

Also, if you want a specific field to be modified, you need to toggle the Editable checkbox. For example, your field shows the ready status, so that you can change the status.

You can also set a default value for your field. Either you manually set a fixed value, or the field is filled with the current value, based on your data or generate UUID.