Collection settings

Accessing Collection settings

There are two places where you can configure settings for your collections:

A collection view in the Visual Builder mode

Main settings

You can access collection setting by clicking on your profile in the lower-left corner of the screen and going to "Settings".

Once the Project Settings window has opened, choose "Collections" in the menu bar on the left.

You can choose a collection you want to edit from the list or simply use the search tool in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Managing Collection setting

In the new window, you can set up General settings, such as your collection's name, default sorting, default storing ordering, display field, and primary key field. You can also configure the visibility settings for your collection by checking or unchecking the Hidden box at the bottom of the window.

Collection permissions

You can give full access to a certain user or team to view and edit your collections, make them read-only, etc.

Learn more about collection permissions here: