Grant permissions

Setting up and managing teams

To limit access to data you can create different teams like Customer Support that has access to Tickets, or Sales Team has access to customers, orders, etc. You can create multiple teams with different permissions (Administrator, Editor, or User).

Create a new team

To create a new team, go to the settings then go to the Teams tab and press the +Add Team button. Then you need to specify a name for the Team, e.g. Editors (you can give full access by simply clicking on the Full Access checkbox or specify Team Permissions).

Team-based Permissions

The team permissions are classified in two ways: Project Permissions and Collection Permissions.

Project Permissions




Permission to edit project settings: project name, visual appeal, API Base URL, Message URL


Permission to view billing information and make payments

Members and Teams

Permission to invite new users to an admin panel and create and manage teams

Interface Customization

Permission to customize the admin panel interface

Page Permissions

You can assign permissions to All/Read/Write/Delete for all of your collections. Note that you can give read-only or write-only access to your collections to enforce security and prevent accidents.

Track user activities

As your team grows, it is very difficult to keep track of all changes in the project, so we have created the ability to track any activities (delete, edit, create, etc) did by specific users.