Chart Widgets

In Jet Admin, you can choose from six types of chart widgets to visualize your key metrics:

Line chart

Line charts are mainly used to visualize progress or explain trends over a period of time. For example, you can see the statistics on your revenue growth.

Bar chart

Bar charts are great for showing and comparing very large sets of data. For instance, you can compare your current metrics with the ones from months ago to see if the dynamic is positive or negative.

Pie chart

Pie charts are great for presenting percentage or proportional relationship between elements of the same data group. For example, it might come in handy when you need to distinguish the most popular paying method among your clients.

Doughnut chart

Doughnut charts are also good for demonstrating the relationship between elements of the same data group. To illustrate, you can use a doughnut chart to find out what is the most popular order type among your customers.


Counter charts are good for displaying your KPIs, such as the average number of orders per day, monthly revenue, etc.


This is where you can pin your company's documentation, whitepaper, a specific action that is used regularly, etc. No need to have all those tabs in your browser while you work.