Charts let you display and track global KPIs on the dashboard as well as provide at-a-glance performance insights. It's the fastest way to create analytical reports on your data.

In Jet Admin, you can visualize your key metrics as any of the following chart widgets:

  • Line chart

  • Bar chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Doughnut Chart

  • Counter

  • List

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create them:

Read more about the purpose of the chart widgets here:

Where can you add charts?

You can add charts in 2 places:

  • In your Dashboard tab

Learn more about how to create and customize dashboards:

  • In a Record View of any record from any collection

Here you can learn more about creating record-specific analytical reports using charts:

Query Builder

The Query Builder is a tool that allows you to create and edit complex charts using SQL.

Schema Browser

In the top right section of the query builder is the Schema Browser that lists all of your collections. To insert a collection into your SQL query, simply click on its name.


The Autocomplete feature makes the whole process of creating complicated queries easier. When you start typing in a query, you'll immediately see a list of suggestions. Live autocomplete is turned on by default.

Live Query Visualizations

As you're building a chart in the Query Builder, you can quickly display the result by clicking the "Chart Preview" button. It's a great way to check if you've made a mistake and correct it on the fly.