Jet Django

Method 2 – Jet Django

To implement integration you should have installed Jet for your Backend environment. This will allow you to write actions processing on your favourite language and environment. Jet uses its own universal messaging protocol to run actions on your Backend. So it will first ask your Backend for a list of available actions and then will execute them when you need to. Actions which are connected to some Collection will automatically appear in Jet Admin interface. To define your FlexAction first create (1) and then import (2) message handlers the following way:
from jet_bridge_base import messages
# define handler which will return all possible actions
def get_action_list(name, params):
return [
# each action shoud defined unique name
'name': 'mail_users',
'model_action': { # this is action which will be applied to selected users (for_instance==True flag)
'model': 'users;user', # this should be collection name
'for_instance': True,
'bulk': True # this allows to execute single action query with ids separated with comma instead of one query per row
'name': 'refresh_users_status',
'model_action': { # this is action which will be applied to all users (no for_instance==True flag)
'model': 'users;user'
'name': 'refresh_users_status',
'common_action': { } # this is a common action which is not connected to any collections
# define handler which will process all possible actions
def execute_action(name, params):
if params['name'] == 'mail_users':
# Your custom action processing here
ids = params.get('params', {}).get('ids')
return {
'result': True
def get_field_options(name, params):
if params.get('model') == 'order' and params.get('field') == 'city':
result = [
'value': 'london',
'name': 'London',
'color': 'blue'
'value': 'new_york',
'name': 'New York',
'color': 'green'
if params.get('form', {}).get('country') == 'italy':
'value': 'rome',
'name': 'Rome',
'color': 'red'
return result
# add defined handlers
messages.add_handler(messages.GET_ACTION_LIST, get_action_list)
messages.add_handler(messages.EXECUTE_ACTION, execute_action)
messages.add_handler(messages.GET_FIELD_OPTIONS, get_field_options)
from django.apps import AppConfig
class CoreConfig(AppConfig):
name = 'core'
def ready(self):
# import your handlers
from . import jet_messages