How it works

Jet Admin is a SaaS frontend application hosted on Jet Admin side that works in your browser. It connects to your project SQL database through open source Jet Bridge backend application which you install on your side. So Integrating Jet Adminwith your project requires installing only one component - Jet Bridge. Here how it should look like after installation:

Jet Admin architecture

Your App

Any of your applications which works with your Database. Jet Admin does not interact with it directly.


Your database Jet Admin has no direct access to.

Jet Bridge

An open source application installed on your server's side and connected to your database. It automatically generates REST API based on your database structure. Jet Interface works with Database through Jet Bridge.

Jet Interface

Web application accessible from any browser. Maintaining and updating of this web application is on Jet Admin team side. Your application data is transmitted directly from Jet Bridge to Jet Interface in your browser and remain invisible for the Jet Admin service.