Create/Update a record

Jet Admin allows you to create a record from different places in the app, so it requires the least effort on your side to manipulate your data.

Creating/Update a record through the collection view

The first and most obvious place from which you can create a record is in the collection Table view. You will notice a ‘+ Create’ button on the top right corner of the app, just next to the Search bar. Clicking on it will open the creation panel for a new record from which you can fill all the necessary fields and then create this record.

Other ways of creating a record

In some cases, you may need to create a record from another related collection. Let’s take the Jet Live Demo example of a Order with many Order Items. When you are checking a specific Order you will see an ‘Order Items’ related table.

You will also notice that if you then click on the ‘+Create’ button.

In a few words, you can create an Order Item directly from a Order record without switching Collections, just because both of them are related.