Create a chart

Jet bring you simple tools to analyze your data and display it for your teams.

Reviewing your KPIs at a glance, understanding the activity of a specific customer: these possibilities will boost the productivity of your teams.

Create a chart

Jet Admin provides a straightforward UI to configure the charts you want.

Add a chart to a dashboard through Simple Query Builder

The only information the UI needs to handle such charts is:

  • 1 collection

  • 1 aggregate function (count, sum, max, min, avg)

  • 1 group by field

  • 1 time frame (day, week, month, year) option.

  • 1 or multiple filters.

Advanced : adding a chart through SQL Query

The Query mode has been designed to provide you with a flexible, easy to use and accessible interface when hard questions need to be answered. Simply type SQL queries using the online editor and visualize your data graphically.

You should now be able to set up your charts in Jet Admin. Feel free to create charts at a general level or even at a record level.