Displaying your users

Let's display your Customer data in the table using Google Sheets as a resource. There are two ways how you can do it:

Using Templates

Select the Template tab and select Google Sheet as a resource. Follow the Google Sheet authorization process to be signed up on the account. Then, export the file with your Customer's data and drag-and-drop Customer as a table.

From scratch

  1. Drag-and-drop a table from the list of components

  2. Select Сustomize from the table menu

  3. Select Add Data Source from Data , choose Resource -> Google Sheets and Collection -> Customers

  4. Click Save

If you need to change the order and the list of columns, drag and drop them or disable accordingly:

Finally, let's set data types in the columns we're having displayed now. (For details on data types, (aka Fields) refer to Fields.). Because a field is a property of a column, to display field settings you need to click the corresponding column. It would be most natural to have set Image for photo. For convenience, you might also want user statuses to be colour coded: