Any SQL – Jet Bridge Docker

Install Jet Bridge without need to install any dependencies except Docker application. May require additional network configuration for your OS.

Jet Bridge has Docker image available on Docker Hub. In order start it inside Docker for your configuration run the following command. You can read about all possible settings at Configuration page.


  • Docker installed

  • localhost or web server with external IP


  1. Install Docker if you don't have it

  2. Make sure Docker is running

  3. Update Jet Bridge image if downloaded it before

docker pull jetadmin/jetbridge

4. Run Docker container. This will run Jet Bridge on http://localhost:8888/.

If you want to run on different port change it here: ... -p 9000:8888 ... – this will run on 9000

docker run -p 8888:8888 \
-e DATABASE_ENGINE=postgresql \
-e DATABASE_HOST=host.docker.internal \
-e DATABASE_NAME=database \
-e DATABASE_USER=postgres \

If you are using Docker before 18.03 you can't use host.docker.internal for DATABASE_HOST Docker 17.12 – 18.02 use Docker 17.06 – 17.11 use docker.for.mac.localhost Docker 17.05 and below your local host IP address (can be found using ifconfig command)

5. Register your project by opening in your browser: http://localhost:8888/api/register/ where localhost is your Jet Bridge HOST and 8888 is its PORT. If you want to run Jet Bridge on different host/port you can configure it by changing Docker container port in this command.

If you don't have Jet account yet you will be asked to create one and sign in with the existing account.

After registering your project you will be redirected to your project and can start working with Jet

Common problems