Any SQL – Deploy to Heroku

The most simple way to try Jet Admin and deploy it to free Heroku cloud platform with a few clicks. It will require you to allow access to your database from external network.


  • Any of the following SQL Databases:

    • PostgreSQL

    • MySQL

    • SQLite

    • Oracle

    • Microsoft SQL Server

    • Firebird

    • Sybase

  • SQL database installed on host with external IP and opened port


  1. Follow this guide to create project:

  2. Create application on Heroku (need to create account if you don't have)

    Deploy You will be asked to specify application name and database settings

  3. You will see Jet Admin token in the console output which you should later enter on Project Create page. If you want to display Jet Admin token manually, use the following command: jet_bridge token

  4. Finish your project installation by opening in your browser: http://YOUR_APP_HOST/api/register/ where YOUR_APP_HOST is your Heroku Application HOST.

If you don't have Jet account yet you will be asked to create one and sign in with the existing account.

After registering your project you will be redirected to your project and can start working with Jet

Common problems