Record Analytics

Having overall KPIs displayed on your dashboard is great, but sometimes you might need to get analytics on a specific user, item, etc. You can do that by adding a chart right inside a record.

These charts are created the same way you would do it in the dashboard tab. Let's add a counter chart to count the sum of transactions for a specific car model.

  1. To create a new chart, enter the Visual Builder mode from a record to which you would like to add the chart. Then, choose an suitable chart widget from the menu on the right.

2. Once you drag and dropped a chart on your dashboard, you would have to build a query to specify this chart's parameters.

  1. Type in the name of a chart

  2. Select a widget (in case you'd like to change it)

  3. Select a collection that will be a data source

  4. Apply filters to disctinct the needed data

  5. Choose aggregation function:

  • Count

  • Sum

  • Min

  • Max

  • Avg

6. If you would like to add several charts, press '+ Add more':

7. For each chart you can set legend and color:

8. Select fields using 'Group by'.

Once you saved the chart, it will appear right in a Record view. Remember that you can edit, delete, recize, or relocate the chart at any moment.