Invite your teammates and manage permissions

Now it's finally time to invite your team members to the admin panel and get to work!

Click on your profile pic in the lower-left corner of the screen and select Users (1). From there, click on the +Invite user button in the top right corner (2), then type in a teammate's email address and choose a group to which this person will belong.

Create a new team and manage permissions

With the Jet's user management system, we can organize our interface per units (e.g. support, tech, sales, etc.) and keep control over who has access to which content in our company.

In this case, we have to upgrade to the Pro plan to benefits from this feature. The reason is because you first need to give a production (or a remote environment) access to multiple users before configuring their team-based permissions.

Once upgraded, we'll be able to create a new team. Below, we created a Customer Support team and we chose to copy the layout from the Operations team.

We should manage permissions All, Read, Write, Delete for each collections.

User roles determine the access level or permissions of your teammates.‌

  • Admin - Has all the privileges from the Editor role + can access all the project settings (manage teams, users, environments, billings, etc.).

  • Editor - Has all the User privileges and can access to the UI customization through the Layout Editor mode.

  • User - Can use all the features of the back office as an end user without accessing any customization options.