Changing the name of your project

For various reasons the first name chosen by your developers for the project might not remain the same throughout your usage of Jet Admin: you can always change it!

Update the visual identity of your project

In the Interface part of the options, you are able to pick a color from your brand identity and add it as ‘primary color’ in Jet Admin. This means that important elements in charts or tables for example will be displayed with your own color.

Your logo can also be placed in the top left part of your screen to strengthen the identity of your project. Just fill in the url link of your logo under ‘Project avatar’ then click ‘Save changes’ and the logo will appear.

Asking for a custom domain to your developers

The last option you can change is the ‘Custom domain’. Yet, be sure to talk with your developers to ensure the address you pick is coherent with all the different web addresses already in use. If you change this ‘Custom domain’ it means that you will no longer access your project by going to but will instead type your new custom domain name.