Collection settings

The Edit mode allows you to personalize all of your UI options, and is not limited to the reordering or hiding of collections or fields.

Accessing collection settings

To customize your fields widgets clicking on the 'Collection' tab in 'Settings'.

Configure the settings and accessibility of your collection

A lot of options are easily accessible and most of them are straightforward. However, you should know how some of them work.


You are able to change the name, sorting field and order of all the records in a collection.

Configuring the settings and accessibility of your fields

Each field of a collection is also customizable. This is very useful in some use cases where you want to do a bit more than display the default name which is inherited from your database setup. For each field, depending on its type (date, number, words…) you can change the following :

  • Display name: even if in your database the field has a specific name, you can choose a different Display name, usually a simpler one to boost the efficiency of your operations.

  • Description: this description is useful when you create a new record in a collection. Below the field name you will then see what it refers to, or details about what should be indicated in the field.

  • Read only: if you click on this option, nobody will be able to edit or change what is in the selected field.

  • Filtering enables: in some situations, you do not want to allow the filters to be used on a field, this is the option you need to act on if this is the case.

  • Widget: this very powerful feature allows you to display data in a more appropriate way than a text or a number. The list varies depending on your field type (date, text, etc.).

Select Field

To specify all available options for Select Field fill in params field the following way:

  • value - field value in your database

  • name - text which will be used for displaying

  • color can be one of: yellow, blue, green, red