Segments allow you to use applied set of filters in future or create a sub-collection from it. The only information needs to create a segment for collection is a name and filters.

There are two ways to create Segment – on Collection List or Collection Settings page.

Create Segment on Collection List Page

To create a new Segment:

  1. Add filters on Collection List page (as described on Filtering)

  2. Click on plus button next to the filters list (New segment from filters tip will appear) as on screenshot below.

  3. Add Segment popup will appear. Enter Segment Name and click Add Segment button.

Your filters will be replaced with new Segment and a new Segment will appear in menu section of currently selected collection.

Create Segment on Collection Settings Page

  1. Open Collection Settings page one of the following ways:

    • Collection List/Edit page → Customize Interface → System Settings

    • Project Settings → Collections → Choose Collection

  2. Go to Segments tab (1)

  3. Click Add Segment button (2)

  4. Fill segment information:

    1. Segment Name (3)

    2. Segment Filters (4) - adding filters is just the same as on Collection List page. Click Add button, choose parameters in appeared popup: Filtering Field, Type of Filter and Filter Value.

  5. Click Create button

New Segment will appear in menu section of currently selected collection and Segments List.

Create SQL Query Segments

For some complicated cases when general filtering is not enough you can create Segment from SQL query. Create segment just like in case of Create Segment on Collection Settings Page, but instead of adding filters choose SQL type for segment and enter SQL query that will return records ID in the first column of query result.