If you want to find or select some records you can use filtering. Jet Admin offers a powerful filtering and search out of the box.

Adding filters

In order to filter records by some collection field (i.e. name of restaurant contains "wabi") you need to add filter by one this ways:

  • (1) – Add filter to a particular column (collection field) by clicking Add filter button next to column name (will appear when you move mouse over column name)

  • (2) – Add filter to any collection field (even not displaying as a column) by clicking Filter button on the top right of the table

Depending on what way you are using – (1) or (2) – you will see Add Filter Popup as displayed below. To finish filter adding you have to:

  1. Select field you want to filter – only for (2)

  2. Select filter type: contains/starts with/etc. Filter types are different for different type of data (date/time/text/etc.)

  3. Click Filter or Exclude button depending on how you want filter to apply Filter will leave only those records that match your search criteria Exclude will hide records that match your search criteria

You filter will be added to the filters list at the top of the table and records will update accordingly.

Deleting filters

If you want to delete particular filter you can click on it (Remove filter tip will appear when you move mouse over filter).


If you want to save applied filters (one or more) as a shortcut so that you can instantly use applied set of filters in future or create a sub-collection from it – create a Segment. Read more on the following page: